"Thoughts "

I am laying in the cool sand of Huntington Beach, California, watching the last few rays of sunshine slip effortlessly past in the distant clouds. The wind is surprisingly calm on this Wednesday evening. Thus, the surf is good. Thus, the boys are out. Admittedly, even I considered paddling out tonight. But the cool comfort of the night air speaks louder than my thirst for adrenaline and salt water.

She has been on my mind all day. A recurring thought in my mind like the waves that continuously assault the sand. I see in her a unique spirit, a fierce independence. A woman with a powerful energy, and an inquisitve mind. She posses a solid intellect and a foundation of class. I see in her an originality. Never have I met someone like her. I witness her commitment to self - not self image. And, admittedly, I like what I see.

But I see only part of her. I hear her speak of holding back. I see an unwillingness to trust, an unwillingness to open, to give.

Yet I want to see more. I want to know more. I want to understand...more. I see something soft behind those eyes. I want to know it. I listen to her thoughts, and desire to hear more. And as I watch her move, as I watch her think, as I watch her speak, I see much more than her physical beauty. I find a grace flowing from within. And as I consider the soft movement of her bottom lip...

...admittedly, I want to taste it.

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